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About the Scott Jenkins Foundation

This foundation was created in honor of Scott Jenkins

While we know that cancer can definitely pose unexpected circumstances, the Scott Jenkins Foundation is a support to you and your family during this time. Cancer can bring along major uncertainties and can impact your way of life physically, emotionally, and financially. With support from the Scott Jenkins Foundation, individuals and families will be able to maintain their focus on the demanding obligations that come with a cancer diagnosis.

In 2010, Scott Jenkins was diagnosed with Plasma Cell Leukemia; a rare extension of Multiple Myeloma Cancer. Following his diagnosis Scott, his wife, and daughter endured a three year journey together that proved to be extremely challenging.

In 2013, Brandy Jenkins, wife, mother, and best friend, to Scott Jenkins lost her husband to cancer. As their lives quickly began to unwind around Scott’s diagnosis, his wife began to realize that although most people understand how emotionally demanding cancer can be, it is not as widely recognized how financially straining it can be on families. As her husband’s first hand supporter she faced the harsh reality of the limited amount of resources that directly helped with their household expenses. The high cost of co-payments, medications, and medical overhead were demands that had to be made during this time, as well as household expenses. It became a hardship to meet both priorities. This is the essential reason that the Scott Jenkins Foundation began.

You can help alleviate life's pressures for families affected by cancer by donated to the Scott Jenkins Foundation today!

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