About Scott Jenkins

Scott was born in Vietnam and raised in the suburbs of New Jersey. He often spoke of his childhood memories with his parents, sisters, and lifelong friends. He had a passion for life and a beautiful love for his family and friends. He completed his education and built a career in IT. In 2009, he married his wife, Brandy Jenkins and later welcomed their daughter. He was always known to lend a helping hand to those in need and often generously overextended his self. He was an avid foodie and loved to cook for his family. He enjoyed Sunday football and loved the holidays. Anyone who knew Scott would describe him as loyal, dedicated, thoughtful and kind. He was known to have a smile that lit up a room and surrounded those around him with warmth from his gracious personality. Scott will be remembered as a beautiful person.

While Scott’s diagnosis in 2010 quickly changed his life, it never took away his kind and thoughtful spirit. Scott maintained his graciousness, even when his journey with cancer became aggressive. After the failure of chemotherapy, doctors sought their final treatment, a donor Stem Cell transplant that would later work adversely against Scott. It was only nine months post-transplant when Scott passed away.

Scott Jenkins will always be remembered as an amazing husband, a dedicated father, and furthermore, a great man.

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